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MB5325 330W 15R beam moving head

ModelMB5325 moving head 
Light Source15R Osram/Yodn 330W lamp sharpy moving head 
PrismThis moving head comes with 8-facet prisma 
Color Wheel1 moving head with one color wheels, 11 plugged colors plus white, with half color and rainbow effect 
Gobo wheel1 moving head with one fixed gobo wheel, 9 plugged gobos plus white, with high speed gobo rotation effect 
StrobeThis moving head strobe frequency can up to 15 times per second  
Size650 X 460 X 550(mm) 
Product Categorymoving head beam 

330W 15R beam moving head

We also provide 330W 15R beam moving head,it is a recently new item,which integrates Beam,Spot and CMY functions into one moving head.


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