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MB5339 330W 15R Beam Spot CMY moving heads beam

ModelMB5339 moving heads  
Description330W 15R new moving heads,3-in-1 effects 
Moving heads power330W  
Lamp15R Osram Sharpy moving heads 
Special functionIntegrate beam, spot and CMY effects into 1 
Moving heads ColorCMY color system, 6 colors + blank color wheel 
Gobo 1rotatable with 4 glass gobo, 4 metal gobo plus white 
Gobo 2moving heads with 14 fixed metal gobo 
Prism 11 Bilateral rotation 8-face prism 
Prism 21 Bilateral rotation tread prism 
Product categorymoving heads beam 

This 330W 15R moving heads beam integrate SPOT,BEAM and CMY three function into one.

It equals to 3 moving heads if you have 1, which makes it more cost efficient.

We also manufactuer 300W moving heads beam.

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